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Peru is Going to Increase Table Grape Exports by 16%

In the 2020/21 season, Peruvian grape exporters will increase shipments by 16% year on year.


According to statistics from the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association (Provid), the initial supply of grapes was estimated at 459 thousand tons.


It was possible to increase production volumes due to the expansion of vineyards, which are entering the period of commercial fruiting. It is specified that among the new varieties, the share of seedless grapes with increased productivity has grown. The Provid Association noted that Peru now produces about 50 grape varieties to ensure export to 50 different world markets. FruitNews writes about this with reference to Freshfruitportal.


“The industry is currently in the process of re-converting varieties, and we see a reduction in the share of the popular Red Globe variety in the export structure,” commented Provid.


In 2016, about half of Peru’s exports came from the Red Globe, but last season its share fell to 32%, and the downward trend continues. In total, 393.6 thousand tons of grapes were exported from Peru previous season. The area of ​​ grapes growing in the country at the beginning of last season exceeded 20 thousand tons.

Source: EastFruit