Peru: Agro exports break records - Fruit Ukraine

Peru: Agro exports break records

Peruvian agro-exports -which represent 12% of total shipments- reached US$5.86 billion in 2018, setting a historical record, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez stated on Monday.


Some 68 products totaled more than US$10 million, the most representative ones in addition to blueberries and avocados, chestnuts (+39%), bananas (+13%), mangoes (+31%), and citrus fruits (+3.4%), which reached record levels.


“Fruits such as pomegranates (+16%) and strawberries (+14%) are rapidly climbing and are already among the 10 most exported fruits,” the official told Other products that experienced significant export gains were palm oil (+44%), beans (+43%), cacao butter (+31%), onions (+8%), paprika (+8%), and tara (+10%).