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Chile will Significantly Increase the Export of Sweet Cherries in the New Season

EastFruit reports that in Chile, according to the expectations of local market participants, a significant increase in sweet cherry exports is expected in the new season 2020/21. According to the expectations of the Chilean Association of Fruit Exporters (ASOEX), suppliers of sweet cherries from Chile will be able to increase their exports by a third compared to the previous season, and the export volume will reach 310 thousand tons.


Chilean exporters traditionally send the bulk of these shipments to China, and the rest to less significant markets, such as North America. According to Ronald Bone, President of ASOEX, the Chilean sweet cherry export industry continues to perform well in terms of supply and quality of its products. The next season will be quite difficult for exporters due to the pandemic, but the Association will take all possible measures to ensure the safety of workers and supplied products.


A positive moment for Chilean exports is the later date of Chinese New Year (February 12), which will help increase the supply of sweet cherries from Chile to China, as demand for these products in China falls after the end of the celebration. “China is an important sales market for us, especially during the Chinese New Year. Sweet cherry’s red colour symbolises hope and good omens, that is why it is so popular as a gift to family or friends,” said R. Bone.


In addition to China, sweet cherries from Chile are successfully supplied to other markets, such as the USA, Latin America, and Asian countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, India, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma, and which Vietnam joined this year.

Source: EastFruit