Fruit Exports - Fruit Ukraine

Ukraine has exported up to 150,000 tonnes of apples per season in the past but nearly all of it went to the Russian market. Today Ukraine is exploring new markets for these apples, exporting already to the EU, Middle East and South-East Asia.
Ukraine is the third largest exporter of raspberries in Europe and the most dynamically developing producer and exporter of berries in the world. Annually Ukraine exports around 55,000 tonnes of fresh, frozen and dried berries in fresh equivalent.
Ukraine is also a large exporter of blueberries and of a wide range of other berries. Most of the product is exported to the EU frozen and fresh and most of the producers are HACCP certified while many growers have GlobalGAP certification. Ukraine is also a major exporter of organic berries: wild and cultivated.
Apple exports exceeded 42 thousand tonnes in 2017/18 season despite reduced harvest due to spring frost. In 2018 Ukraine is expected to have around 120-150,000 tonnes of high quality apples available for exports. Total apple production in the country exceeds 1mn tonnes and is growing rapidly.