Exports - Fruit Ukraine

Being the largest country in Europeby territory and the most fertile country on Earth(Ukraine owns 33%of the world’s most fertile chernozem black soils), Ukraine supplied most of the food consumed in the Former USSR.

After the break-up of the USSR, Ukrainian farmers focused on commodities but are slowly moving up the value chain ladder.



Why Ukrainian Fruits are so Special and Tasty?

Here are some scientifically confirmed facts:

  • Ukraine is a very dry, and, consequently, sunny country. In the key production regions annual precipitation averages from 400 to 700mm and most it comes outside of vegetation season. Moreover, thanks to its high altitude, there could be up to 15 hrs of sunlightper day in many regions of Ukraine! Thus, our fruits and vegetables are exposed to much more sun than in other countries leading to better BRIX;
  • Ukraine has a much greater variation between day and night temperatures than other European countries, helping to develop better colouringof fruits and deeper taste!
  • We use less chemicals to protect our fruits and vegetables than most other European countries thanks to our dry climate, thus, our fruits are healthier and cleaner!
  • We could grow premium quality of nearly every variety of apples thanks to the very warm climate with great colouring possibilities!
  • Firmness of Ukrainian apples to sustain long distance transportation is hard to match thanks to these climatic benefits and proper technologies used.
  • There will be more apples coming from Ukraine every year as most of our orchards are no more than 8-9 years old and we do use the most advanced technologies of production.
  • While we offer premium quality fruits we could be very price competitive in this category thanks to lower costs of inputs, energy, labour and land.
  • We have access to deep water ports in the Black Sea and could ship fruits and vegetables nearly anywhere relatively inexpensively.