Belgium: “Every year, strawberries and asparagus are the top products for Easter” - Fruit Ukraine

Belgium: “Every year, strawberries and asparagus are the top products for Easter”

“It’s currently the Easter holidays in Belgium, and combined with the low temperatures, this has resulted in slightly slower sales. It’s expected proper Easter sales will start in the middle of this week. The top products for Easter are strawberries and asparagus, just like last year. Prices for both products were fairly low in recent weeks, but we’re seeing prices gradually rising now. On Friday, prices will be very high, and then drop again,” say Ellen and Nathalie Sebrechts of Sebrechts Groenten & Fruit.


The trader is very positive about the quality of the products. “The quality of Sonata strawberries is great, but the asparagus also has great quality. We have Belgian and Dutch asparagus in our range. The Dutch asparagus are an older variety that barely has to be peeled, and these have a very good flavour. We’ve noticed that asparagus is still seen as a seasonal product, despite the fact they’re available earlier each year. However, we’ve seen peeled asparagus becoming more popular. Due to the cold weather, soup asparagus has been doing very well. These asparagus don’t have to look as nice, because they’re made into soup,” Ellen continues.


“We recently started with our spring sales, and we’ve noticed people were looking forward to other fruit. The citrus season is nearly over, we still have some Orri, but the people want something else. All of the berries are returning again, but the blueberries are keeping us waiting a bit longer. We’ll soon receive the special strawberries as well, such as the raspberry strawberry and the pineapple strawberry. These are lovely products to offer customers on the side,” Ellen concludes.