Peruvian fruit and veg exports increased by 9% in value in January and February - Fruit Ukraine

Peruvian fruit and veg exports increased by 9% in value in January and February

According to the Association of Agricultural Producers’ Guilds of Peru (AGAP), Peruvian agricultural exports in the first two months of the year amounted to US $ 1.118 billion, i.e. 6% higher than in the same period of 2018.


This increase was driven by the fresh fruits and vegetables sub-sector, whose shipments in January and February of 2019 reached US $ 662 million, registering a growth of 9%, mainly driven by the productivity of fresh fruit shipments, which amounted to US $ 600 million, i.e. 10% more than in the previous period.


Within this sub-sector, the grape has been the main player with shipments for US $ 343 million. Its main destination was the United States with a 47% share, followed by Hong Kong with 14%, the Netherlands and China with 9% each, Mexico with 5% and finally Thailand, Spain, Canada, Russia and South Korea with 2%.


The mango also had an outstanding performance during the first two months of the year, with shipments for US $ 123 million. It’s main markets were the Netherlands with a 34% share, the United States with 12%, and Spain with 3%.


Blueberries amounted to US $ 77 million and the United States was the largest buyer of this Peruvian product, with a 72% share, followed by the Netherlands with 12%, and the United Kingdom with 10%.


Fresh pomegranate had a good performance, as exports of this product went from US $ 6 million during the first two months of 2018 to US $ 15 million (+141%) in the same period this year.


Exports of the fresh vegetables sub-sector were led by asparagus with US $ 45 million. Its main markets were the United States with a 49% share, the Netherlands with 20%, and the United Kingdom and Spain with 11% each. Other important products in this sub-sector were onions with exports of US $ 13 million and garlic with US $ 3 million.


Ginger exports amounted to US $ 4 million and its main destination market was the United States (46%). Cocoa beans exports totaled US $17 million and its main markets were Indonesia (31%), the Netherlands (26%), Spain (12%) and Italy (10%); while coffee exports totaled US $ 61 million, and were mainly sent to the United States (23%), Germany (21%) and Belgium (10%).