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Ukraine does not expect tomato prices to drop soon

At the moment, prices for tomatoes in Ukraine are on average 40% higher than last year. Furthermore, there are no prerequisites for a significant reduction in the cost of these products on the Ukrainian market.


Industry experts argue that they have a sufficiently limited supply of tomato on the Ukrainian market. In particular, deliveries from Turkey continue to decline due to the seasonal factor. At the same time, among the Ukrainian plants, only a few have started harvesting, and the samples in these greenhouses are very small due to the cold and cloudy weather.


Thus, for a week, prices for tomatoes in Ukraine decreased only by 4-8%. Today, products from Turkey are offered at 50-52 UAH / kg ($ 1.87-1.94 per kg), prices for local tomatoes reach 60 UAH / kg ($ 2.24 per kg). At the same time, industry experts note that, according to weather forecasts, in the coming days, we should not expect an improvement in weather conditions. Consequently, it is also not necessary to expect a rise in the rate of tomato ripening in greenhouses. Moreover, market players are counting on the revival of demand before the Easter holidays and do not exclude that the prices of tomatoes in such conditions may even begin to grow.