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Peru became №1 global exporter of blueberries beating Chile by export volume

EastFruit analysts can now officially confirm that the world ranking of blueberry exporters has received a new leader – Peru. A comparison of official blueberry export data from Chile and Peru now confirms this information.


In 2019, while Chilean blueberry producers struggled with drought and water shortages, trying to keep production and export volumes at least at the same level, Peru continued to confidently increase exported volumes.


As EastFruit previously reported, Peru holds the lead in the world in terms of expanding the area under blueberries. According to local analysts, annually up to 2,000 hectares of new blueberry plantations are planted in this country. By the way, in second place behind Peru in terms of plantation expansion is Ukraine.


Such a rapid growth of areas, of course, lead to higher production and, accordingly, higher exports of blueberries. According to EastFruit, in 2019 calendar year, Peru increased blueberry exports again by almost 70% and delivered more blueberries to foreign markets than Chile. Peru exports reached stunning 125 thousand tons – more than any other countries has ever exported in a single year!


It is interesting to note that the export growth of Peruvian blueberries in 2018 also amounted to 70% and grew from 43 to 74 thousand tons. In other words, in just two years, Peru increased its export of blueberries almost three-fold!


At the same time, Chile was not able to keep blueberry export even at the level of 2018, and they exported 2% less. Thus, by the end of 2019, Peru already exported 12% or 13 thousand tons of blueberries more than Chile. In addition, Peruvian exporters were actively pushing Chileans out of from their traditional markets. The US share in the supply of fresh blueberries from Peru in 2019 increased from 54% to 57%, while the US share in the exports of blueberries from Chile fell from 61% to 54% in the same year. Chileans began developing exports to European markets more aggressively, but Peru increased its supplies to the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain and other countries of this region even faster than Chile.


Export of Peruvian blueberries to China grew more than twofold in 2019. During the same time, Chileans were able to increase their exports of blueberries to China by only 17%. Thus, the volumes of blueberry exports from Peru to China are now almost equal to these from Chile.


Blueberry exports from the United States in 2019 also grew very fast – by 58% in by volume. At the same time, US blueberry exporters set a new record for annual exports of 57 thousand tons. So far, unfortunately, there are no official statistics for Spain – however, according to all estimates, the final exports of blueberries from this country would also increase significantly. South Africa, which is one of the top-ten largest global exporters of blueberries, increased export shipments by an astonishing 62% in just one year.