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A Ukrainian Vegetable Producer Plans to Export Pumpkin

Farm “Organic-D” from the village Sutiski of Vinnytsia region (Ukraine) grows pumpkins, which after storage for 10 months will be sent for export. This is reported by Agri-gator with reference to Kurkul.com.


The farm cultivates 300 hectares, and an area of ​​more than 70 hectares is allotted for open-field vegetable growing. Farmers grow carrots, beets, late cabbage, potatoes, and onions on drip irrigation. Next year they plan to allocate another 70 hectares for vegetables, where irrigation will also be arranged.


The company grows vegetables and can provide them with professional storage for 10 months from the beginning of harvest in its own vegetable storage with a capacity of 3000 tons.


Alexander Pasechny, the chief agronomist of the Organic-D farm, believes that pumpkin is one of the most fertile crops, and under optimal growth conditions and compliance with technological requirements, its yield reaches 70-80 t / ha.


The farm plans to start exporting Jerusalem artichoke and swede next year, and pumpkins this year.


“Firstly, this pumpkin plant is suitable for crop rotation and, as a result, improvement of the phytosanitary state of the fields and the state of the soil. Secondly, in the context of a relatively simple growing technology, pumpkin is quite a profitable business. The third positive point is the expansion of the production, which can reduce the financial risks of the enterprise and insure the company in case of crop failure of the main crops in a separate farm,” said Alexander Pasechny.