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Edible Coating Apeel Keeps Apples Fresh for Longer

Wax or paraffin has been used for many years to preserve apples’ presentation and create a glossy surface. Some manufacturers have experimented and used fat, gelatin, and overcooked soy sauce as a coating. However, none of these methods produced satisfactory results, and the fruit after processing still required washing before eating.  Agri-gator reports that everything changed this year when the American company Stemilt has developed an innovative edible coating Apeel, which significantly increases the shelf life of apples and keeps fruits fresh.


“Our team has been studying the application of Apeel coating on organic apples for two years. The technology has tremendous advantages in keeping Artisan Organics fruit fresh and flavorful to the end-user,” said Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager at Stemilt.


Processed apples retain their juiciness, and shelf life is extended. In particular, the shelf life of products treated with Apeel is two times higher than that of untreated ones. According to the company’s representative, the sale of fruits, and the demand for organic fruits will increase.


According to the company’s specialists, the material was created exclusively on a plant basis. This not only makes the coating edible but also allows for more environmentally friendly disposal of products.

Source: EastFruit