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Ukrainian Farmer: I Hope for a High Yield of Late Varieties of Potatoes

Denys Voroniy, the founder of Elite-Vegetable LLC in the Chernihiv region (Ukraine), evaluates this year as three-plus on a five-point scale. According to AgroTimes, the farmer grows table and chips potatoes on dry land.


“For the Polissya potato growers, the year is better than the previous one, since last year the potatoes burned,” said Denys Voroniy. This year there was a good early potato, although the main harvest was from middle and late varieties. But this year, the opposite is true, and the year is rather ambiguous. The mid-early to mid-early varieties have not bred at all, but hopefully, there will be some good late potatoes. At the beginning of September, it started raining, due to which we hope to reach a yield of 30 t / ha. In general, we will make the final calculations in early October.”


Chips potatoes on dry farms produce an average of 20 tons per hectare. As for the differences in the cultivation of table and chips varieties, the farmer considers them not very significant.


“Chips potatoes have a denser texture than table varieties. For chips potatoes, you need to give more nutrition, apply more fertilizers, and carry out treatments for diseases more often. Ideally, there should be watering: drip or surface. Glory to nature, in Polissya, potato chips grow without watering. Even some farms manage to plant seed potato without watering. I do not have it on my farm either, although we plan to equip it in the future,” the farmer said.

Source: EastFruit