Apples from Gadz Farm (Ukraine) enjoyed by British consumers - Fruit Ukraine

Apples from Gadz Farm (Ukraine) enjoyed by British consumers

Gadz Farm from the Ternopil region of Ukraine sent their first shipment of apples to the United Kingdom last week. “The opening of a new international sales market will increase apple sales and ensure the promotion of Ukrainian products in general,” Gadz writes on its Facebook page.

The company knew the UK market was very selective about products, so they eagerly awaited feedback from the buyer.

“After receiving the first batch of apples, we received a high quality assessment from the buyer and only positive feedback about our Gadz Farm,” the farmers said.

The company intends to expand its export geography and increase production capacity in the future.

Back in February of 2020, EastFruit reported that Gadz Farm carried out the first deliveries of an extra-class apple to the Maldives. According to the manufacturer, there is great potential for the export of fruits and vegetables from Ukraine to the Maldives at the moment.

Source: EastFruit